Starting guide

Do I have New Model Status and for how long?

● Yes, you will receive New Model Status starting the day you publish your first Cam Show Listing ● New Model Status will last 14-days

Cam Show Listing

What Is a Cam Show Listing? ● A Cam Show Listing is how you place yourself in the categories you wish to be in (I.e: MILF, Fetish, BDSM, Role-play, etc.) Check our video on YouTube ( Do I have to create a Cam Show Listing? ● Yes, this is how your profile will be made visible to the customers How Many Cam Show Listings can I publish? ● You can have as many cam show listings as you qualify for. Your listings never expire and will remain on...

Now that I am Visible, how does it work?

● When you log in, your profile will appear as Online and available for a customer contact request.

Communication with Customers

Is there a Live Chat Room? ● No, there is no ‘live chat room’ ● All shows and communications are done one-on-one via Skype Do customer’s contact me on the site? ● No, there is no internal messaging systems ● Customers will contact you via Skype prior to sending payment Do customer’s pay for my Skype ID? ● No, we are unable to charge for any messenger IDs ● The customer will be required to input their Skype ID before receiving yours. These Skype IDs are logged under the ‘Visitor Con...

Crooked Client List

What is the Crooked Clients List? ● This is a list of ‘customer’ Skype IDs who have been reported by Models or have committed Chargebacks or Fraud ● We suggest checking this list upon receiving a new contact request on Skype ● Search the list using the customer’s Skype ID (live:) and not their display name. The display name can be changed at any time, but the Skype ID cannot What if someone from the Crooked Client List sends payment? ● If they are on the list for time-wasting, ghosting, ...

How do I create a Teaser Video?

Create a short video that is two minutes or less. Then, login to your CMD account and go to "Edit Profile". Scroll to the bottom of the page until you locate the "Teaser Video" section. Click the "Upload File" button and select your teaser video. Once the video finishes uploading click "Submit". Once we approve your teaser video it will show on your profile.

Am I responsible for Chargebacks?

No. Unlike many other sites, CamModelDirectory assumes all responsibility for chargebacks. We use sophisticated anti-fraud tools to combat fraudulent charges that are likely to result in chargebacks. CamModelDirectory does reserve the right to terminate any model's account if they have numerous chargebacks submitted against them.

Can I use PayPal or other payment methods?

● No! All clients obtained from your listing on CamModelDirectory must use the CMD payment system ● Using PayPal as a payment method for any adult related services is a violation of their acceptable use policy and is also not allowed by CamModelDirectory. Violation of this policy can and will lead to the termination of your PayPal account. They can also seize any funds that are in your account and even levy fines against you. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use PayPal, Gift rocket, Am...

Are there any Photo restrictions?

Yes. First, all photos must be real photos of you and not someone else. Second, we do not allow any photos that show exposed genitalia (e.g. vagina, penis, scrotum), anus or sex acts. Bare chests and breasts are allowed. Third, photos should be of good quality and at least 480 x 480 pixels in size.

Are there any restrictions on what can be advertised?

Yes. First, you may only submit ads in categories that apply to you. Second, ads may only be submitted for LEGAL goods and services. Some examples of items you may advertise include cam shows, videos, pictures, sexting, underwear and role-play. No ads for escort services are allowed.