Cam Show Listing

What Is a Cam Show Listing?

● A Cam Show Listing is how you place yourself in the categories you wish to be in (I.e: MILF, Fetish, BDSM, Role-play, etc.)

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Do I have to create a Cam Show Listing?

● Yes, this is how your profile will be made visible to the customers


How Many Cam Show Listings can I publish?

● You can have as many cam show listings as you qualify for. Your listings never expire and will remain online until you either delete them or you remove your profile from the site. Each time you place a listing it will show up in the What's New page and will be tweeted to all CamModelDirectory followers


Can I Edit/Remove a Listing once it is published?

● Yes, next to each of your listings on your dashboard you will see two icons

● The "Pencil Icon", this is how you will edit your listing. Be sure to click ‘Save’ after you have made changes to your listing

● The "Trash can" icon is how you will delete your listing. Please note this action cannot be reversed from your Dashboard