Can I get a refund for a show?

The only situation in which is refund allowed is one in which you pay for a service, and the model does not provide the service. Such situations are rare and are usually a result of miscommunication.

Dissatisfaction with a service that a model provides is not grounds for a refund. We can only provide a refund if payment is made via our payment processor using the payment button on the model's ad or profile. If you pay for a show via any other means we will be unable to issue a refund.

All refund requests must be submitted within seven days of purchase. No refunds will be provided for transactions more than seven days old.

Please use our chat button to report any model that did not provide you with the service that you purchased or that you believe is trying to scam clients. Be sure to include all relevant details regarding the incident (including screenshots and/or email correspondence if available) as well as the model's profile name on CamModelDirectory. We will investigate the event and respond to your report within 24 hours.

Note that CamModelDirectory will vigorously fight all fraudulent chargebacks. We have a very good track record of successfully winning disputes in which clients make false claims in order to avoid paying for shows that they willingly purchased.