Crooked Client List

What is the Crooked Clients List?

● This is a list of ‘customer’ Skype IDs who have been reported by Models or have committed Chargebacks or Fraud

● We suggest checking this list upon receiving a new contact request on Skype

● Search the list using the customer’s Skype ID (live:) and not their display name. The display name can be changed at any time, but the Skype ID cannot


What if someone from the Crooked Client List sends payment?

● If they are on the list for time-wasting, ghosting, or other small offences, it is safe to do the show

● If they are on the list with the note: Fraud, Chargeback, or Stolen Card next to their name, please contact Support and inform them. They will refund the payment and block the user’s new information from future payment attempts. Do not do the show with anyone who is on the Crooked Clients List for Fraud, Stolen Cards, or Chargebacks.